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I dislike the way the question is worded. It feels like its been deliberately set up to mislead people. Its the first time in 20 years that I will seriously consider not voting as being the most effective response to an election poll - s as to deny any legitimacy to the result.
Agreed - it feels like that, by voting, we're tacitly agreeing that a smack IS part of "good parental correction."
Absolutely. You may as well say something like, "Should prison inmates be given iPhones as part of an effective correctional programme?"

But I'm confused: is the result of a referendum like this legally binding? I presume not, because if it were I guess we wouldn't be sitting here talking about abstention, but just checking.
Every citizens-initiated referendum I've seen so far has been extremely poorly-worded and very leading.

It's dumb really because they have people who are supposed to work out the wording with the people presenting the petition for the referendum. Back when they brought citizens-initiated referenda in I thought they were a good idea, now I think they are a waste of taxpayers' money, divisive, and pointless.

Although I wouldn't mind getting a job as the person who words them, I reckon I could do a much better job.
I like the new bill this whole debacle has sparked: basically empowering parliament to reword or ignore (mis)leading questions like this.