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My mother had a lot of misery to deal with in her youthful years (unhappy marriage, sense of personal failure, etc, etc) and didn't know what to do about it. She'd get into rages and was far too scared to rip into my father (he was often the cause). What she did instead: hit me. Not a lot, but I knew it was too often and over nothing to do with my behaviour. I was never actually physically injured, but the psychological damage was pretty bad. When I was 14 I hit her back when she raised her hand to me one day. She stopped hitting me from that moment on. Violence needed to stop violence? Argh.

One of my girlfriends was hit like this by her mother (miserable marriage problems once again the source of the anger). At 14 she actually decked her mother when she saw the woman raise her fist to the younger sister (aged 12). No more hitting in that family.

I don't think the law will change anything, btw. But it's at least an attempt. :/