Describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about... your mother.

  • distant
  • a slight ticking sound

Over at this internet they have an interesting story about how they made a kind of neuron soup that they hooked up to some sensors and motors, to see if biological brain + sensory inputs + mechanical outputs = some kind of artificial life. It does pretty well at mechanical learning (getting better at not crashing into stuff), but what I found interesting was that, because the robot is dependent on biological cells, its lifespan is effectively limited because the cells deteriorate and its brain turns to sludge.

My first reaction was, a wetware lifespan limit would be an effective tool in controlling a possibly violent robot population.

Then I remembered that might not be such a good idea.

Also, hi. I keep meaning to post here — actually, even that is probably not very true. Mostly I wrote this here because it is too long for The Twitter and too short for my proper Interblog. I am talking like this because I have been listening to too much Like A Mad Dog Running Through A Puddle Of Gravy. Which is to say, you all have not been listening to enough LaMDRTaPoG.

And now, prolonged silence continues.

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