Music is Math

The playlist on the office iPod has 272 songs.

At a crude average of 3:30 each, that's just under 16 hours.

At 8.5 hours per day, that's less than two days' worth of music.

It's been on all day, every day, for three weeks.

It's mostly Jack Johnson, Café Del Mar and Dido.

I am ready to shoot someone.

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Can you sneak on two or three death metal (or similar) tracks, mislabeled as the above artists? Then at least you'd have people's reactions to look forward to.

I recommend Dethklok or Austrian Death Machine.
An excellent choice!
Angry Monkey
Headphones for the win. I recommend these mixtapes.
That's what I've been doing, only it's kind of annoying my boss, who went and bought the amp (which he promptly ruined) and speakers so that we didn't all sit there with headphones on all day. Somehow I don't think he gets that the reason I put headphones on is only secondarily to listen to music I enjoy, and mostly to block out noises I hate.
Could you take turns at hooking up your own ipods?
Her Nobullness
I sympathise. We have classic hits (which has a 0.7 day rotation), for the last month. I went away for a day and a half and now it's moved to the same two Christmas cd's on alternating rotate. I want to gouge my brains out with the hole punch.
i like the tags on this post ^_^

"muzak"= chuckle